Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $49.00 for 1 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: is a computer, music, and digital photography instructor who is making the transition to portable technology using an iPad and iPhone.

Tips, Apps, and Settings

The iPhone is much more than a phone. Learn how to use and enjoy your iPhone in this three-hour intensive workshop. There are countless iPhone features and settings, in addition to a zillion apps, that optimize and maximize your user experience. Learn which iPhone to buy, when to trade it in and get a free upgrade, and how to use and care for it in the years ahead. Understand all the buttons, ports, and cameras on the sides, front, and rear. Set up your screen icons, folders, and dock for quick access to your top apps. Become familiar with browsing the Internet and using the calendar, among the many apps we will explore. Plus more!

*Bring your iPhone or iPad, charging cable andĀ plug, case, plus paper and pen for notes, andĀ earbuds or headphones for personal listening.
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