Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $165.00 for 6 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: , Professor Emerita of Classics, University of Arizona, especially enjoys teaching adult education courses for the high level of interest and experience participants bring to the classroom.

The Life of the Mind

While mythology and religious texts reveal profound thinking about different aspects of the world, the Ancient Greeks began an intellectual movement that formed the basis of Western philosophy and science. Called the development of rational thought, these early investigators sought to explain the world from observation rather than the imaginative descriptions of mythology. Their research included mathematics, astronomy, theology, language, ethics and more.  While the subject may seem deep, it is not daunting and will be readily accessible to all. Students will receive handouts of the early Greek thinkers to be discussed in class, and are asked to read one fairly short and enjoyable text by Plato, The Symposium.

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