When: Fridays, Oct 15 - Nov 12 10:00am - noon

Where: Resurrection Lutheran Church

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Instructor: William A. Fry a founding member of the Learning Curve faculty, taught literature and writing at a Maryland college for more than thirty years.
William A. Fry

Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes

Explore the tumultuous friendship of Langston Hughes, often called the “Dean of African American Authors” and Zora Neale Hurston, often considered the most sassy, outspoken and independent woman writer of the times. Zora and Langston first met in 1925 at a large literary event on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan including major black and white authors of the time. They were drawn to each other immediately and a loving friendship developed which led them to a lengthy road trip through the South collecting stories which later found print in their major literary outpourings. Following this road trip in Zora’s old Chevrolet, in 1930 the two began collaborating on Mule Bone a three-act comedy and trouble began for the friendship.

To this day, a mystery survives concerning the breakup of this devoted, loving friendship. What happened? Who were the major players in this evolving dispute? Who was to blame? How did it finally end?  Join Bill Fry to delve into literary scholarship to find answers to these questions and to savor the memorable works of Zora and Langston.

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