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Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $115.00 for 4 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: is a musician and music educator who has been enjoying and playing Bob Dylan’s music since 1963.

From “Forever Young” to “Autumn Leaves”

Dylan’s middle and later albums have a lot of gems, most of which are not well-known. He’s an imaginative and versatile songwriter, performer, arranger, producer, and band leader. His best selections have elements of blues, rock, storytelling, and occasional crooning, plus some gospel, folk, hymn tunes, and love songs. Our emphasis will be on the music and how it conveys the meaning of his words. Enjoy a combination of lecture, discussion, and guitar performance in this four-session exploration of Dylan’s lesser known music.

Session 1: Love songs to his wife and children; parting company with The Band after a fruitful collaboration; his first tunes that combine overt religion with blues-rock.

Session 2: Dylan’s infamous Christian phase produced some exceptional tracks; some are loud and powerful and others are quiet and contemplative.

Session 3: Roots music and traditional songs are the centerpiece; plus his most famous later single song.

Session 4: Bob goes deep into Frank Sinatra’s catalog; a bizarre Christmas album; the most imaginative rocking blues you have never heard!

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