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Instructor: Alexander Tentser Alex Tentser studied piano performance at the celebrated Gnessin Music Institute in Moscow
Alexander Tentser

Being a true Romantic artist, Chopin created a new piano style of extreme emotional intensity expressed in absolutely perfect form. After leaving Poland Chopin settled in Paris where he met and befriended great French writers, composers and painters such as Balzac, Berlioz and Delacroix. He stunned French aristocracy and general public with his blend of Polish folk elements and the universal European style.

Chopin was a truly innovative piano virtuoso sublimating his brilliant pianistic arsenal into transcendent artistic creativity. Chopin’s music symbolizes Polish culture in many different ways. He was a Polish patriot and a true national composer. Chopin created piano pieces where the Polish national character is reflected through the beautiful, often sad, melodies, particular Slavic modes and rhythmic patterns. The call to Polish Independence is clearly heard in his polonaises, and his mazurkas reflect endless varieties of moods truly which became Chopin’s emotional diary throughout his life.

In a series of lectures illustrated with piano performances of selected works, explore Chopin’s music starting with his early piano concertos and etudes, continuing with his beautiful nocturnes, waltzes, mazurkas, barcarolle and polonaises. Special attention will be devoted to four Ballades, true romantic masterpieces, where Chopin’s genius reached the utmost height. We will discuss Chopin’s life, his relationship with George Sand, famous French novelist and his partner, who greatly influenced his life, as well as Chopin’s personality and connections with famous contemporaries such as Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt and Felix Mendelssohn.

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