Where: The Hampton Inn Meet in the lobby. Transportation provided.

Cost: $125.00

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Instructor: Kevin Justus wears dual career hats, being a musician and art historian. Kevin has his Ph.D. in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Kevin Justus

The Schorr Collection at the Phoenix Art Museum

Join art historian Kevin Justus for a day trip to view the Schorr Collection at the Phoenix Art Museum. We’ll view the exhibit together, have lunch at Palette, the museum’s innovative farm-to-table restaurant and have time to view other areas of the museum on our own.

Since 1967, the Lewis family has carefully amassed what is now known as the Schorr Collection, named in honor of Hannah’s family, many of whom lost their lives in the Holocaust when Germany invaded her native Poland in 1939. Amassing several hundred paintings with more than half of the collection on long-term loan to institutions in the United Kingdom and abroad, the collection has become a musée imaginaire, or ‘museum without walls.’ The collection is not a chronological timeline of art history but rather highlights several stylistic movements across four hundred years of art in an effort to record and understand the human condition.

The collection began with works by leading French Impressionists. It soon progressed to include what is now the Schorr Collection’s strongest suit: Old Master paintings, with an emphasis on Caravaggism and Neo-Classicism. The other principal strength of the Schorr Collection lies in its grouping of 16th-century Flemish painting.

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