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Instructor: has been the acting director of the Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill since October 2016.

David Yetman and Janos Wilder

A virtual lunch date hosted by David Yetman, host of In the Americas and The Desert Speaks on PBS and Janos Wilder, recipient of the James Beard Award and chef/owner of Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails.

Friday, Oct 23, noon – 1:30 pm (AZ time)
Cactus-studded Coasts: Reconnecting to the Gulf of California
The Gulf of California is the desert’s sea. Tucked between the Baja California peninsula and the mainland of Mexico, the Gulf is a world of contrasts between cactus studded coasts and a marine realm teaming with life. It is a place of cultural diversity, especially as the homeland of the Comcaac (Seri People), and a zone where remarkable geologic forces have created a landscape mirrored nowhere else. In this lecture Ben Wilder will share what makes the Gulf of California one of the most striking desert regions of the world.
Instructor: Ben Wilder

Co-sponsored by the University of Arizona
Southwest Center and the Desert
Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill.

Southwest Center


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