When: Fridays, Oct 18 – Nov 22 10:00 am – noon

Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $199.00 for 6 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: Matthew J Rowe Assistant Professor of Practice in the University of Arizona, School of Anthropology has directed research projects and training programs in the field for
Matthew J Rowe

Explore the development of human culture after the emergence from Africa and entrance to the Americas. Students of Tracking the Footsteps of Humanity will get the “rest of the story” as modern humans spread throughout the globe, committed to agriculture, and established global civilizations. Students that have not taken Tracking the Footsteps of Humanity, will have no problem jumping into the story as people begin to settle down on a global scale. The course will introduce archaeological and anthropological methods, theory, and findings through the lens of six broad topics. Class meetings include lectures, discussions, and readings.

Class 1: The Archaeology of Hunters and Gatherers

Class 2: Domestication

Class 3: Origins of Complexity

Class 4: Complex Hunters and Gatherers

Class 5: Archaeology of Food and Fermentation

Class 6: Archaeology of the Modern World

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