Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $155.00 for 1 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: is the founder of Writing It Real, an online community and resource center for those who write from personal experience.

Join us for a day of creating engaging, compelling scenes. The work you do in class will help you in both fiction and memoir projects, especially where you want to address parts of your project you feel are flat and parts where you feel stuck. Creating scenes helps you approach topics you have been reluctant to begin writing.

Sheila Bender’s writing exercises and responses will help you:

  • create vivid scenes using images that appeal to all the senses
  • incorporate effective dialog
  • pay attention to a consistent point of view
  • learn to slow time down to involve readers
  • learn to use description from characters’ points of view
  • learn to make transitions with multiple kinds of scenes that move stories forward

The instructor’s responses will include recommendations on what to do next in further developing the scenes you write or what the scene might lead to in a future piece of writing.

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