Optional Zoom Orientation: Oct 1, 10:00-10:30am AZ Time.
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Cost: $195.00 for 14 session(s) interactive Zoom class for 7 weeks – twice per week. Each session is 45 minutes long

Type: In Person


Instructor: assistant Professor in the University of Arizona, School of Anthropology has directed research projects and training programs

Exploring Paleoindian Archaeology in North America

Discover the archaeology of Paleoindians in North America. Paleoindians are the first people in North America, and they entered the region by at least 14,000 years ago. Review the history of Paleoindian research in North America, to develop a foundation for understanding how the discipline has evolved with new methods and discoveries. Explore archaeological discoveries that address the question of when, where, and how people first migrated to North America. Examine at the different Paleoindian chronologies and cultures found in the archaeological record. Students will become familiar with the debates and current research concerning the first Americans and will develop an understanding of the regional variations that develop in the North American archaeological record between 14,000 to 9,000 years ago.

Optional Zoom Orientation: Oct 1, 10:00-10:30am

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