Where: Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

Cost: $55.00 for 1 session(s) includes lunch

Type: In Person


Instructor: grew up in the Indian Arts business, has a Masters in American Indian Studies from the U of A, is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology and has authored a number of books on the crafts and the tribes of the Southwest.

Artistry, cultural traditions and creative use of natural materials are all clearly evident as we view and admire Indian art, whether pottery, Navajo weaving, silver jewelry, katsinas dolls and more… but there are fascinating stories behind the creation of these works of art that we often miss. This fast-paced presentation will give you an overview of what went on behind the scenes. Stories of the artists and the influences that inspired individual pieces or styles will help us understand more about the magnificent examples of Indian art that surround us in the Southwest. How could a good well change the course of Indian silver jewelry making?  Why were battery cases important to Indian jewelry makers?  Who was the first Hopi artist to visit Paris?  Why did Rattlesnake Annie get her nickname?  How did a prominent Zuni jeweler learn Japanese?  Find out the answers to these questions and many more.

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