Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $49.00

Type: In Person


Instructor: is a computer, music, and digital photography instructor who is making the transition to portable technology using an iPad and iPhone. His classes are always lively and student-focused.

Apps, Tips, Hints, and Tricks

Apps on your iPhone and iPad make the secret sauce for success with your Apple device. In this three-hour single session workshop you will learn to find and use the best apps. Enjoy both paid and free musical delights and video variety. Become proficient with browsing the Internet and setting up the calendar, among the many apps we will explore. Understand how to research and obtain the best new apps from Appleā€™s App Store, plus how to manage the apps that are included on your iPad and iPhone. What are Podcasts and Voice Memos? How can you become an expert with Notes? Why are Contacts the best place to originate your email and text messages? Join us for an informative and action-filled, app-filled afternoon to answer these questions and many more also.

This course is for people who are already familiar with the basic functions of iPhone and iPad devices.

Bring your iPhone or iPad, charging cable and plug, case, plus paper and pen for notes, and earbuds or headphones for personal listening.

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