When: Tuesdays, Oct 6 – Nov 3, 9:00am-noon

Where: Metal Arts Village

Cost: $145.00 for 5 session(s)


Instructor: , an award-winning author and teaching artist, regularly invites students of all ages to be inspired by their own words

The Healing Art of Journaling

I’ve always known that writers work with magic. What else could account for words that kept me turning pages and devouring stories? They had to be magic if they could create a poem with the power to make me weep, or an article that could get me off my chair and inspire me to jump into something new. Now that I am a writer, I understand that putting pen to paper or cutting out words and moving them around really is magic. For me, the process of writing holds that enchantment and the power to transform. Join me for five Tuesday mornings to ignite your neon words, center yourself, and discover on the page. Generate material for poetry, memoir, and essay while you feed your craft and find inspiration through a variety of prompts and techniques that offer self-illumination, validation, and the power to heal.

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