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Where: The Hampton Inn
2 classroom sessions plus a day trip to the Heard Museum including transportation and French-inspired lunch

Cost: $175.00 for 3 session(s)

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Instructor: Kevin Justus wears dual career hats, being a musician and an art historian. Kevin has his Ph.D. in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Kevin Justus

Henri Matisse is known for both his brilliant use of color and his remarkable draftsmanship. Matisse was one of the artists, along with Pablo Picasso, who helped usher in the revolutionary developments in the visual arts in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Like Picasso, Matisse was interested in the exotic and was influenced by non-European cultures. A little known fact is that Matisse was captivated by the beauty of the art of the Inuit people of the Arctic and created a series of black and white portraits – remarkable because Matisse is known for his brilliant use of color – of the Inuit people. Matisse was captivated by the idea of Yua, which means the spiritual interconnectedness of all living things. We will investigate Matisse and his career in two classroom sessions plus a day trip to the Heard Museum for a guided tour of Yua Henri Matisse and the Inner Arctic Spirit – an exclusive exhibit of rarely seen works featuring the surprising connection between Matisse and the indigenous people of the Arctic. This examination of Matisse will demonstrate how his experience with the Inuit inspired and helped him define his ideas about art and influenced the direction of Modern Art.

Day Trip:
When: Monday January 28, 8:00am-4:15pm

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