When: Thursdays, Nov 7 – Dec 12, 1:30-3:30pm No class Nov 28

Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $155.00 for 5 session(s)


Instructor: Mike Dominguez co-owner of the Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson’s largest and longest running contemporary art gallery.
Mike Dominguez

Art of 20th and 21st Century Mexico: Important Works and Personalities

Mexico, of all the Latin American countries, is the recognized leader in fine art innovation and has produced the most prominent Modern Era artists. Unique to Mexico was the conscious decision of the post-revolutionary government of the 1920’s to foster a national art identity, the genesis of Mexican Modern Art. Trace the origins of the Mexican Renaissance, its inspirations, conflicts and key players and how the cycle of political/economic history has shaped the Mexican artists’ view of their nation. Topics include the rise of the Muralist tradition, the Social Realist movement and its flirtation with communism, the Rupture and its break with the nationalists, and finally the emergence of Neo-Mexican Modern and the global themes of environment, social justice and border issues. Guest speakers include contemporary Mexican artists, museum experts, collectors and Mexican American artists.

Week 1: Introduction – New World Colony, Independence, Revolution Mayans, Aztecs and Conquistadors. Separation. The Friendly Giant to the North. The long shadow of Old Europe and the Diaz dictatorship. Posada and his press.

Week 2: Self-Realization, Establishing a Mexican Art Tradition Dr. Alt, Orozco, Siqueiros, Rivera: Muralists and Social Realism. The Syndicate. Surreal Frida. Photographers, Foreign Artists.

Week 3: Mid-20th Century, Emerging Artists, The Mexican Architype, Expressionists War, labor and peasantry. Break with The Founders – Second Generation: Cuevas, Navarro, Coronel, Casaneda, Soriano.

Week 4: Late 20th Century, Neo-Mexican and New Media, Global Perspectives Parody, Iconography. Mass Media. Artists of the Street: Chandal, Rueda, Delgado, Curiot. Post-Modern homage to the Muralists and Folk Art. Architecture.

Week 5: Into the 21st Century: Concepts, Performance, Neo Pop, The Border. Urban Art, Protest, Social Media. Next Generation: Lezama, Flores, Otis, (Gabriel) Orozco, Ortega, Chagoya, (Gustavo) Rivera.

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