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A Roman Poet Weaves Greek Mythology

Besides being one of the best ancient anthologies of Greek Mythology, Ovid’s Metamorphoses masterfully presents these tales in a complex poetic framework. With transformation as the main unifying theme, Ovid weaves together tales of world creation, activities of gods and heroes that end with events of his own time. Connecting these diverse tales are recurrent motifs of characters—such as deities Minerva and Apollo; themes—gods’ punishment of human wrongs, improper sexual desires, heroic deeds, more; and storytelling ties among the tales. Ovid masterfully presents his mythological epic with poetic innovation, making it significant in his own time.
Ovid’s imaginative lens enhances these tales with this one Roman’s creative interpretation, which offers modern readers a nuanced, multi-textured appreciation of these ancient tales.
Selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, will be recommended to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of the topic, but such reading is not required.
We will read selections from the indicated books (poem divisions) that best exemplify the themes and storytelling of the poem.

Week 1: Books 1-2
Creation of the world, human beings

Week 2: Books 3-5
Early human activities, god-human interactions

Week 3: Books 6-8
Heroes; male and female wrongdoers

Week 4: Books 9-10
More heroes; love gone awry

Week 5: Books 11-13
Troy and its aftermath

Week 6: Books 14-15
Aeneas, Rome, Pythagoras, contemporary

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