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Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $165.00 for 6 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: Professor Emerita of Classics, University of Arizona, especially enjoys teaching adult education courses for the high level of interest and experience participants bring to the classroom.

Family relationships are basic to people’s interactions. Our cultural stories both reflect and shape the nature of these relationships. This class will look at distinctive family relationships and the Greek and biblical myths that shape these relationships in our own time. We will also consider the meanings the mythological tales impart to our conception of these relationships.

Week 1: Husband-wife
Zeus-Hera/Jupiter-Juno; Gaia (Earth)-Ouranos (Sky)

Week 2: Father-son
Zeus-Apollo; Zeus-Hermes; Abraham-Isaac

Week 3: Father-daughter

Week 4: Mother-daughter/son
Demeter-Persephone; Naomi-Ruth [Aunt-niece]; Hera-sons

Week 5: Brother-brother
Cain-Abel; Jacob-Esau; Damon-Pythias

Week 6: Sister-sister

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