Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $165.00 for 6 session(s)

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Instructor: Professor Emerita of Classics, University of Arizona, especially enjoys teaching adult education courses for the high level of interest and experience participants bring to the classroom.

Explore the playground of gods and goddesses as you learn about significant sites in Greece. We’ll virtually travel to major ancient centers of power politically, spiritually and culturally. By examining the myths, history, art and monuments associated with these sites, we’ll come to appreciate what made them distinctive and renowned.

Week 1: Athens
A broad valley in western Attika surrounded on 3 sides by mountains and by the Aegean Sea on the west. We’ll discuss the goddess Athena, hero Theseus and god Dionysos.

Week 2: Delphi
A high mountain sanctuary with a commanding view of the fertile valley below and Corinthian Gulf. We’ll hear stories of Apollo, Dionysos and the oracle of Delphi and discuss major ancient athletic and dramatic competitions held in this significant site.

Week 3: Olympia
A broad, fertile valley in northwestern Peloponnesos. Olympia was home to the god Zeus, goddess Hera and the site of major ancient athletic competitions.

Week 4: Mycenae
A mountaintop Mycenaean royal palace with a commanding view of the fertile Argive plain, center of the wealthy ancient Mycenaean civilization and home of legendary Agamemnon, commander of Greek troops in the Trojan War.

Week 5: Knossos
Broad, fertile valley in northern Crete; center of powerful, wealthy ancient Minoan civilization where women held powerful roles. We’ll hear stories of the legendary Minos, Daidalos and Ariadne.

Week 6: Delos
A small circular island with hill in the center, Delos was a major ancient sanctuary to the god Apollo and goddess Artemis, Egyptian goddess Isis, and more. Examine its role as a free trade zone commercial center.

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