When: Fridays, Nov 1 – Dec 13, 1:00-4:00pm No class Nov 29

Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $195.00 for 6 session(s)


Instructor: Meg Files is the author of the novels Meridian 144 and The Third Law of Motion, Home Is the Hunter and Other Stories, The Love Hunter and Other Poems, and Writing What You Know, a book about using personal experience and taking risks with writing.
Meg Files

“Find your unique voice,” writers are often instructed, and it may be good advice. But what is voice? And where does one find it, and how, and why? How to know if you have found it? This workshop guides writers in creating voices that will reveal and explore the truths in their stories, creative nonfiction, memoir, and poems.

Topics include:

  • Point of view
  • Voices in fiction
  • Voices for nonfiction
  • Dialogue
  • Capturing emotion
  • Choosing details
  • Style
  • Self-editing
  • Revision
  • Audience and purpose

This class will include writing exercises and assignments, group and instructor feedback, and discussion.

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