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Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $155.00 for 5 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: Mike Dominguez, co-owner of the Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson’s largest and longest running contemporary art gallery.

The Convergence of Art and Religion

There is a timeless union of art and religious expression, from the earliest spiritual depictions through the theological evolution of Western civilization to the significant though less familiar traditions of holy art in the non-Western world. No catalog of the world’s greatest art could be complete without abundant religious entries nor is it surprising that religious art constitutes a substantial portion of nearly every major museum’s holdings. Whether great artists were religious or not, many have made images of the gods and spirits according to their society’s belief system, a cultural legacy for every art lover. Explore this vast genre in a survey in 5 sessions that covers the most significant paintings, sculpture and architecture inspired by the divine. Topics include mythology, paganism, Hebrew and Early Christian, Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the modern era. Plus artwork of the Eastern religions, Native America, Asia and Africa. Guest speakers will include artists, collectors and experts from the art world.

Week 1: Introduction – Myth and Monotheism
Early spirits, primitives, ancient civilizations. Classical Greek, Roman sculpture, early Judaic, Christian and Islamic works. Middle Ages and the Gothic masterpieces.

Week 2: Renaissance Part I – Hellas Rediscovered Triumph of the narrative painting form.

Week 3: Renaissance Part II – The Golden Age of Christian Art
The Bible made visible, the important dead made divine.

Week 4: Modern Era
Modern man looks inward. Humanism and revival.

Week 5: Global/Contemporary
Religious art of the world. Societal, environmental and alternate themes

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