Where: La Fufi at Caffe’ Milano

Cost: $75.00 per session (includes demonstration, lecture and dinner with wines)

Type: In Person


Instructor: started her culinary education in Turin then continued learning from chefs in the northeast of Italy

Session 1: The Langhe region, a paradise for the gourmet.

The Italian cuisine commonly known in America is basically the one imported by the emigrants of the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. These people were often very poor and came in most cases from Southern Italy. This explains why many of the famous Italian dishes in the United States such as Alfredo sauce, chicken Parmesan, and spaghetti with meatballs are practically unknown in Italy today. The same is true for wines. Chianti and especially Pinot Gris, so beloved by the US public, are considered just average by Italian consumers, while some wonderful treasures – from the Sfursat della Valtellina to the Sicilian dry Moscato, from Taurasi to Ornellaia, are often missed.

Two special evenings presented by the Fufi Cooking School will try to discard a few myths and introduce some lesser known culinary treasures. Each evening opens with a brief lecture, followed by a cooking demonstration and – of course – a sumptuous Italian dinner with wine.

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