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Where: The Hampton Inn

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Instructor: Richard A. Cosgrove , University Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
Richard A. Cosgrove

Pathway to World Supremacy: The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain 1760 – 1830

In many ways, the industrial revolution marks the beginning of modern Britain. The first nation to industrialize, Britain was the first to achieve sustained economic growth without significant government assistance. Given the success of British economic development, it helped inaugurate the triumph of free-market capitalism.

Week 1 Industrialization caused a radical transformation of British society. The advent of machine technology in conjunction with revolutions in other areas of British society such as transportation, agriculture and population began a self-sustaining growth in the economy that created a wealth never thought possible.

Week 2 The industrial revolution had profound social consequences as well. Debates about the distribution of wealth, living conditions, and how much of the population prospered have raged down to the present day.

Week 3 In the wake of industrialization came other non-economic revolutions, often called the Silent Revolutions, that altered British society. Foremost among these was the advent of a class system that still defines modern society

Week 4 Industrialization enabled Britain to defeat the French Revolution and Napoleon. With that victory, Great Britain supplanted France as the most powerful nation on earth. The Royal Navy controlled the world’s waterways and provided the base for the exercise of diplomacy. The British century had arrived.

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