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(At the SE corner of Rudasill and Oracle – north of River Rd. south of Orange Grove. Ample parking available in front and back of the hotel.)

Upcoming Events at The Hampton Inn

Event Date/Time
The Art of Spain: El Greco, Velasquez, Goya and the Evolution of Spanish Art
Instructor: Kevin Justus
Black, White and Shades of Gray: Classic Fine Art Photography of the 20th Century
Instructor: Mike Dominguez
British Adventurers and Explorers
Instructor: Richard A. Cosgrove
Making it Real: Writing a New Way into the World
Instructor: Molly McKasson
The Secret Language of Versailles
Instructor: Kevin Justus
Spelunking through Prehistory: The Archaeology of Caves and Rock Shelters
Instructor: Matthew J. Rowe
Reading Between the Lines
Instructor: Cynthia Meier
The Creative Intersection of Art and Theatre
Instructor: Kevin Justus
Discovering The American Soundtrack Through the Lens of Jazz
Instructor: Khris Dodge