Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $155.00 for 5 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: Associate Professor of Dendrochronology and Egyptian Archaeology is the director of the Egyptian Expedition at the University of Arizona.

The Archaeology and History of Ancient Nubia

Discover Nubia, the “silent partner” to ancient Egypt’s grandeur. The source of technologies, raw goods (e.g., gold), mercenaries, and considerable interconnections, Nubia shaped ancient Egypt far more extensively than is generally understood. Meanwhile, Nubia supported several powerful, independent, millennia-long kingdoms of its own, including the Kerma and the Kush. Across five lectures, organized chronologically, we will explore the sites that were most critical to the development of ancient Nubian civilizations and have yielded its most spectacular discoveries. The archaeological and textual evidence and their importance are explained. Emphasis will be on the Kerma culture (ca. 2500-1500 BC), the 25th Dynasty/Napatans (ca. 900-300 BC), and the Meriotic kingdom (ca. 300 BC to AD 300).

Week 1: Introduction to Ancient Egypt & Nubia

Week 2: Nubia in the Beginning

Week 3: The Kerma Period

Week 4: The Kingdom of Kush

Week 5: The Pyramids and Royal Cemeteries of Nuri

Professor Creasman’s exciting work at the royal pyramids of Nuri has recently been featured by National Geographic:

Check your local listings for a National Geographic television documentary about the “Black Pharoahs” which will include several projects in ancient Nubia.

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