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Instructor: has been a research social scientist at the Southwest Center of the University of Arizona since 1992

David Yetman and Janos Wilder

A virtual lunch date hosted by David Yetman, host of In the Americas and The Desert Speaks on PBS and Janos Wilder, recipient of the James Beard Award and chef/owner of Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails.

Friday, Oct 9, noon – 1:30 pm (AZ time)
Mountains and Saguaros: Why the Plants Love the Hills
The Santa Catalina, Rincón, and Tucson Mountains are home to Arizona’s densest population of saguaro cacti and some of the richest Sonoran Desert habitat anywhere.  The mountains around Tucson–the Santa Catalinas, the Rincons, and the Tucson Mountains are part of the saguaro story, and explain why the Tucson area has an archaeological history going back four thousand years.  How these mountains came to be is part of the story of how our homeland came to be.
Instructor: David Yetman

Co-sponsored by the University of Arizona
Southwest Center and the Desert
Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill.

Southwest Center


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