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Instructor: Michael Schaller Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona Department of History is the author of numerous books and articles.
Michael Schaller

FDR, The new Deal and The World Crisis, 1932-1945

The New Deal continues to resonate in American life and politics. Proposals for a “Green New Deal” elicit howls of protest from opponents who see it as a misguided effort to expand “big government” and the “nanny state.” Proponents describe it as vital to mitigate climate change and economic inequality. Both sides of the argument often mis-remember or misunderstand what the “real” New Deal intended and achieved, at home and abroad during the tumultuous 1930s and 1940s. In four two hour meetings we will examine the collapse of the “old order,” the rise of FDR, the initially limited but eventually expansive economic and social agenda of the New Deal, creation of the New Deal political coalition, the movement’s impact on organized labor, the environment, popular culture, and minorities. We will explore the New Deal’s achievements and failures, and, finally, how U.S. participation in the Second World War shaped, limited, and expanded the New Deal at home and abroad.

Week 1: The Collapse of the Old Order
The interlocking global economic and political fractures that began in 1929 and quickly engulfed the entire world; the failure and inability of the U.S. government and its institutions to understand and respond creatively to the crisis. The “tragedy” of Herbert Hoover and the rise of Franklin Roosevelt and the “forgotten man.”

Week 2: The birth of the New Deal Order, 1932-1936
Creating a New Deal: Reinventing government and forging the structure of the welfare state. The role of Eleanor Roosevelt and her circle of feminist and labor activists. From emergency recovery programs to long-term solutions for agriculture, industry, banking and labor. Political battles, court packing, and compromised victories.

Week 3: The New Deal at High Tide, 1937-1940 Creating a liberal Supreme Court; the Fair Labor Standards Act; a New Deal for the Arts and popular culture; the conservative revolt against reform – creation of the Republican and Southern Democratic anti-New Deal coalition.

Week 4: The New Deal at War, 1940-1945.
The belated U.S. response to global aggression. Taking the U.S. into the world war. Dr. “Win -the-War in the White House, 1941-45. Liberalism abroad and the struggle for post-war justice; the economic bill of rights, the GI Bill, and the foundations of post-war liberalism at home.

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