Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $195.00 for 6 session(s)

Type: In Person


Instructor: has been writing poems and plays since grade school. She worked as a professional actress, director, teacher, and playwright for thirty years, and received Arizona Arts Commission grants for three of her eight full-length plays.

Giving Voice to Our Own Stories

So many of us enjoy writing, but instead of sharing our work, we accumulate boxes of journals, drawers of poems, files of essays, stories, etc. We keep meaning to write down our insights and experiences, but can’t seem to regularly make space for this to happen. If you’d like help giving voice to your stories, freeing them from memory, letting them have their own life to see where they might lead—this class is for you. Through in-class prompts, vignettes, essays, etc. we’ll experiment with a variety of narrative techniques in search of the larger narrative voice in our writing: the voice that discerns theme, pattern, and metaphor running through our lives: the voice that is more reliable and fresh than memory: the voice which is still evolving and learning. Whether you’re putting together family stories or seeking to publish an essay, a memoir, or any other creative non-fiction project—or you simply want more vibrancy, clarity, and freedom in your writing—this class will let you explore, be heard and get feedback in a supportive environment. We’ll practice getting out of our heads, onto the page, and into a larger life! Returning writers are always welcome to come again and continue their projects.

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