Where: The Hampton Inn

Cost: $155.00

Type: In Person


Instructor: the founder of Writing It Real, an online community and resource center for those who write from personal experience.

Practice with Prose Poetry, Short Memoir, Epistolary, Flash Non-fiction, Flash Fiction, and Fragmentary Writing

Not only is there a growing market for short writing, writing short helps us get quickly to the best writing we have inside of us. During our day together, participants will complete a half dozen pieces of writing and receive tips for where to go next in revision. We’ll read and learn strategies from well-published writers of short prose with samples from lyric memoirs and lyric novels built from smaller pieces and from selections by authors who write moving vignettes, prose poems, flash fiction and flash nonfiction. In addition, writing short can also help you over the bumpy spots in creating longer work where you are stuck. We’ll discuss this as well as places to publish stand-alone short writing.

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